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You have a book inside you, but how do you get it out? Author Cathy Fyock has written five of her six books in less than six weeks, and has a formula for getting the book out of your head and heart and onto the written page. She and first-time coauthor Kevin Williamson offer tips for identifying your obstacles, turning off “that voice” inside your head, getting a game plan, creating momentum, and finishing your draft. With their practical tips and exercises, you’ll finish with an action plan for getting your book done!

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Feeling Stuck?

All sorts of problems plague aspiring authors. Some have all the heart, but no idea how to get started. Others have a decent outline in their heads, but have trouble committing. Yet others are riddled with self-doubt and self-abnegation for no good reason, and yet others might feel like the slightest something is missing. Do any of those sound like you?

We’ve written this book to cover all such problems. In a sentence: this book is about how writing is surprisingly easy given the right guidance, plan, and priorities, and of necessity we’ve included remedies for many such problems. Take a look on Amazon and read the sample they provide; you might feel like we’re onto something. Not only is the book yours for the taking, but its authors and their services are too!

Get Us Working For You

Cathy Fyock

Cathy’s been everywhere from self-employed to corporate and back, and she’s written six books, almost all in six weeks. She’s back to help you do the same, and she’s got plenty of options to serve your needs. Click her name to visit her site, or click here to email her!

Kevin Williamson

Kevin’s got voltage in his voice and power in his pen. Whether you need someone to mark up your work, someone to act as sounding board and brainstormer, or someone to finish the project outright, you can call him for help. Click his name or email him!

Advance Praise for On Your Mark
“In On Your Mark: First Word to First Draft in Six Weeks, authors Cathy Fyock and Kevin Williamson take a thoughtful, gentle, detailed, personal approach to helping readers break past any barriers — real, self-imposed, or imaginary — on their way to actually producing the draft that they know they have inside of them.”
Jeff Davidson - author of Simpler Living and Dial It Down, Live It Up

On Your Mark is one of the greatest resources for authors ever written.  Cathy Fyock and Kevin Williamson give you the tools and the encouragement to do what you don’t believe is possible. The exercises throughout the book are practical and help you make real progress. If you’re serious about writing, you’ll save time and frustration by following this process. I’ll keep this as a handy reference for every book I write.”
Vivian Hairston Blade - Speaker, Author, Consultant

“In your hands you hold every tool you need, and the best advice around, for getting your book from idea to draft.  Cathy Fyock led me through this process as my book coach.  While there is no substitute for her guiding hand, she has been generous and thorough, and you are about to get an amazing toolbox in one little book!”
Lin Schussler-Williams - Coach, Speaker, and Author of 9 Little Words to Change Your Results