Cathy Fyock

After climbing the corporate ladder for a few years, Cathy decided to go into business for herself as a human resources consultant. She soon realized that writing a book would lend her greater credibility and open some professional doors–so she outlined her first book on a trans-continental flight. After hurdling a few obstacles and doing a few weeks’ work, she had become an author. Five books later, she’s back to help others advance in the same way that she did for decades. Her website is at

When Cathy is not writing books (or helping others do the same), you can find her in the choir room of her church or traveling the globe with her husband, Jim.

Kevin Williamson

Kevin graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2013 with a degree in history. Shortly after graduating, Kevin decided to start Williamson Media Group, his business. While he was on the startup path, Cathy invited Kevin to edit a chapter of her then-fledgling manuscript, then to rewrite the chapter, then to co-author the whole book.

Whenever Kevin isn’t behind his desk, you can find him in a used book store, in front of the stove, or on his family’s farm, Sunset Harvest, helping with their creative development and CSA program, Highlands CSA.

Cathy and Kevin

The first (and most important) link between Cathy and Kevin is blood; Cathy is Kevin’s aunt, actually.

The second link is the link between their respective businesses. Since Cathy is in the business of coaching and Kevin is in the business of consulting, they quickly realized that there was potential for a good, symbiotic business relationship–that Cathy and Kevin were each working on a different side of the same coin.

The third link is this book. A similar “pairing of opposites” was at play here. While Cathy had written five books before this one, Kevin hadn’t written any–but that put him in a good position to adjust her advice on the matter (given the book’s intended audience). While Cathy has a steely grip on the practical “how-to” of writing books, Kevin has an editor’s eye and a sailor’s tongue to cut down prose and spice it up at the same time. In short: Cathy is the voice of experience, while Kevin is the voice of a new generation.

We had great fun working on this project together. More is coming!