Online Exercises

Chapter One:

What benefits are you hoping to realize by writing your book? Visit the Chapter 1 Forum to post your reply and read the replies of others!

Chapter Two:

Tell us about your greatest obstacles in writing your book, and how you’ve overcome them. Or share your challenges and receive feedback from your colleagues. Visit the Chapter 2 Forum to post your reply and read the replies of others!

Chapter Three:

Take the following as an example of a written commitment to yourself. Copy and paste this into your word processor of choice, fill in the blanks, format and flourish it up however you like, print it out, and put it somewhere that it helps you (perhaps a desk or bathroom mirror). Don’t forget to sign and date it!

This writing project is important to me and my career because [insert your reasons here]. I know that a book will allow me to [insert your intended benefits here]. Therefore, I am making a commitment to write this book and get it done. I am blocking time on my calendar, and I should have the initial draft completed by [intended date of completion].

Chapter Four:

Click here to download a sample project planning chart to help you figure out how to make things work! Consider this as a model for you to make your own plans, charts, and timetables.

Chapter Five:

Click here to download a (semi-scientific) extroversion diagnostic adapted from Susan Cain’s wonderful book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. This will help you figure out how to create the ideal working environment and circumstances for writing your book. (And if you’re interested in the topic of introversion, we wholeheartedly encourage you to click the link and buy a copy.)

Chapter Six:

Click here to download our editorial checklist. Share this with your editorial draft board members so that they can give the best feedback (and you can get the most from it).