Table of Contents

About the Authors
Who This Book is For
How to Use This Book

Chapter One: Why do you want to write your book?
Writing for Fame and Glory
Writing for the Big Bucks
Writing for Business Development
Writing to Establish Thought Leadership
Writing to Feed the “Publish or Perish” Monster
Writing with the End in Mind
Chapter One Exercises

Chapter Two: So why haven’t you written your book?
Learning from Cathy’s Story
Identifying and Destroying Roadblocks
♦ Having time to write
♦ Lacking focus
♦ Missing vision
♦ Hearing a discouraging voice
Getting Moving
Chapter Two Exercises

Chapter Three: On Your Mark—Preparation
Writing Samples
Thesis Statement
Table of Contents
Supporting Materials
Blocking Out Writing Time
Skin in the Game
Written Commitments
Chapter Three Exercises

Chapter Four: Get Set
Defining Your Audience
Imagining Your Book in a Bookstore
Designing a Competitive Analysis
Developing Your Project Plan
Creating an Order of Operations
Choosing an Accountability Partner
Dealing with The Bitch
Co-Authoring as an Option
Ghostwriting as an Option
Chapter Four Exercises

Chapter Five: Go!
Setting Yourself Up for Success
Making and adjusting a plan
Taking a personal inventory
Celebrating victories large and small
Assessing Other Work
♦ What did they miss?
♦ What did they get wrong?
♦ What did they get right that you can use?
Dancing In and Out of Structure
Maintain a good outline
Avoid getting hung up on missing words
Use the Claim-Warrant-Impact Mode
Play with the page
Add muscle
Chapter Five Exercises

Chapter Six: Fine-Tuning
Order of Operations for Editing
♦ Significance
♦ Clarity
♦ Content
♦ Structure
♦ Voice and Style
♦ Typos and Grammatical Errors
Learning Strategies for Editing
Developing Your Editorial Board
Receiving Feedback
Dealing With Perfectionism
Recognizing What’s Next
Celebrating Your Success
Chapter Six Exercises

Editing Checklist
Kevin’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Style