What Readers are Saying...
“In On Your Mark: First Word to First Draft in Six Weeks, authors Cathy Fyock and Kevin Williamson take a thoughtful, gentle, detailed, personal approach to helping readers break past any barriers — real, self-imposed, or imaginary — on their way to actually producing the draft that they know they have inside of them.”
Jeff Davidson - author of Simpler Living and Dial It Down, Live It Up

On Your Mark is one of the greatest resources for authors ever written.  Cathy Fyock and Kevin Williamson give you the tools and the encouragement to do what you don’t believe is possible. The exercises throughout the book are practical and help you make real progress. If you’re serious about writing, you’ll save time and frustration by following this process. I’ll keep this as a handy reference for every book I write.”
Vivian Hairston Blade - Speaker, Author, Consultant

“In your hands you hold every tool you need, and the best advice around, for getting your book from idea to draft.  Cathy Fyock led me through this process as my book coach.  While there is no substitute for her guiding hand, she has been generous and thorough, and you are about to get an amazing toolbox in one little book!”
Lin Schussler-Williams - Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Author of 9 Little Words to Change Your Results

“Everyone thinks they know how to write a book, but Cathy Fyock and Kevin Williamson in On Your Mark are the real deal! Both are experienced authors who know what it takes to get a book idea out of their own heads and onto proverbial “paper.” The Table of Contents shows their deep understanding of the barriers that prevent would-be writers from getting started, including their own personalities and preferences for morning or night, etc. The best part of each chapter is the exercises at the end. The exercises will help “proto-authors” to uncover weaknesses that can then be addressed as they write their first book, instead of either keeping them from writing or causing overwhelming editing issues later. Fyock and Williamson will put their readers on the right track to a finished manuscript.”
Nancy S. Ahlrichs, SPHR - Author, Columnist, and Consultant

“I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you!  You’ve written a book that will enable, motivate and teach budding authors around the world to write their books. Lots of tips, strategies and exercises that will make my next book project less onerous and more manageable. Thank you.”
Lyle Sussman, Ph.D - Author of Smart Moves, Yes You Can!, Close the Deal, and Lost and Found

“Perhaps there are some people who can help you write a book, but no one can help you write it in six weeks… except Cathy Fyock!  In her book, On Your Mark: From First Word to First Draft in Six Weeks, Fyock teaches a simple but powerful process that works. With her wealth of knowledge and readable style, she addresses all the reasons you think you can’t write a book and shows you that ‘yes you can.’  If you think you’ve got a book in you, Fyock will definitely help you get it out!”
Elizabeth Jeffries, CSP, CPAE - Author of The Heart of Leadership: How to Inspire, Encourage, and Motivate People to Follow You

“So many books today are all theory. This book takes it way beyond that with exercises at the end of each chapter to show readers how to practically apply what they learned to fit their personalities and their schedules.”
Jean Gatz, CSP - Award-winning author of 10 Ways to STANDOUT from the Crowd

“Cathy Fyock’s approach to book writing is incredibly insightful and motivational. It describes the most effective tools for overcoming obstacles for a new writer… it did for me. Now my book is on its way! If you “have a book in you,” this is how you get it out.”
Ray Leathers - President and CEO, Roll Forming Corporation

“When I first heard Cathy’s presentation at the National Speakers Association on how to go from the first word to a book in six weeks, I knew that her presentation should be turned into a book.  I am so excited to see that she has done just that. Her knowledge and expertise in writing and publishing a book will be an invaluable resource to anyone who is stuck on page one.  “
Joe Bonura, CSP

On Your Mark is a must read for the aspiring author in you! Accessible and practical, the ideas and activities—and even the writing style of the book itself—will have you energized and motivated to achieve your goals.”
Whitney Martin - President, ProActive Consulting